4DX Cinema Nouveau now at the V&A Waterfront Auditorium

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4DX Cinema Nouveau now at the V&A Waterfront Auditorium

This is insane! 4DX Cinema Nouveau takes movie theatre experience to a whole new level!

Nu Metro recently signed a deal with Seoul, Korea based on CJ 4DPLEX, creator of 4D, and together they will be unveiling five such planned venues around the country, with V&A being the first in our country, and then Durban's Pavilion up next. Currently 4DX is available in 182 auditoriums across 34 countries, with CJ 3DPLEX aiming up that number to 300 auditoriums by mid-2016.

What is 4DX?

This is a cinema that is much more tactile in its movie viewing experience as the cinema is rigged with seats that can move and shake along with the action on-screen, lights that brightly illuminate the area I accordance with big explosions, water spray nozzles mounted on the back of the seat in front of you, which squirt you with a fine mist to simulate water conditions, fans installed around the cinema and on your seats to create wind effects, as well as smoke machines in the front to create fog effects, and even a nozzle mounted underneath the seat which lets out a choice of 11 different smells to simulate the environments seen on the screen….and farts. Yes, it really does fart smells.

Ticket prices at 4DX Cinema Nouveau

4DX screen tickets are R150 per person (in comparison, IMAX 3D is R110, while Nu Metro's Scene is R120), and excludes traditional non-IMAX 3D glasses (which you can purchase at the cinema or use your own).

Food on offer

The catering company Liveto provides a well-priced light-meal menu, which includes antipasto board, gourmet sandwiches and wraps all for around R50 per item. A choice of 3 soups for around R36, chargrilled mini beef or chicken or lamb curry bunny chows for around R35, and for dessert try their mumble crumble (baked apple crumble) for just R31. By paying R51, you can enter a whole different world of enjoying in the pudding section, a personal favourite being tiramisu.


Whilst throwing an awesome out of this world experience is just what they intend on providing, 4DX Cinema Nouveau is all about safety too, and is therefore always at the forefront of it. Please note they do not recommend children under the age of 5 or pregnant women, as the seats really do shake you like you’re in an earthquake. More than a few other patrons around me were looking to see if there were seatbelts (there arent). You also cannot hold a thing on your lap, least of all popcorn - another heads up folks!  All in all, its very impressive and certainly makes for a visceral experience.


For more info or to buy a ticket contact Nu Metro Cinemas on 086 124 6362 or email them on

+86 124 6362
King Warehouse Red-Shed
Victoria & Alfred Waterfront
Cape Town
South Africa
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